Since 1999, ‘EOAS’ has been pioneering the essential oil and oleoresin industry in Sri Lanka. Currently, 12 Small Farmer Units, 6 Estates and 5 Processing Units operate under the management of ‘EOAS’. Each Estate is specialized for its plantation, products, and the crew. In league, they create a strong product chain of fresh goods. Our exclusive ranges are produced under expert supervision, ‘EOAS’ was certified under the ‘Control Union’ Certification Body in 2002. 125 employees work day and night to perfect each product that comes to you hands.

Olaboduwa Estate

Olaboduwa Estate operates as the heart of ‘EOAS’ essential oils and oleoresin production. Spread across 3.4 hectares, Olaboduwa Estate specializes in producing patchouli, ginger and vanilla on board.

Elamulla Estate

Known as one of the widespread properties of ‘EOAS’, Elamulla Estate spans across 33.5 hectares. Elamulla specializes in manufacturing cardamom, coffee and various other vegetables.

Dekandahena Estate

Located in Agalawaththa, Dekandahena Estate is one of the two Cinnamon Estates of ‘EOAS’. It’s spread across 20 hectares of nutrition rich soil.

Udugalawaththa Estate

Due to the increased demand of cinnamon based products, Udugalawaththa Estate also has solely been specialized in producing cinnamon based products. The plantation is spanned across 13 hectares.

Narankaduwa Estate

Spread across 12 hectares of nourished soil, Narankaduwa Estate specializes in cultivating pepper, sandalwood and patchouli.

Wetahira Estate

The smallest but magnificent sister estate of ‘EOAS’, Wetahira cultivates cinnamon and pepper across 6 hectares of well attended soil.