About Spices


Organic Spice and Essential Oils are produced by EOAS Organics under the certificate of the SKAL, the Netherlands, IMO Switzerland, BIOSWIS, Switzerland & Kosher.  EOAS cultivates Cinnamon and other spices in its own plantations that span over 800 acres.


An outgrower system of spices is in operation since the yield from its own plantations do not meet the required demand.

Today, EOAS manages over 1,500 hectares of plantation under the outgrower system for Pepper, Nutmeg, and Cardamoms in the central part of the country, where these spices are found in abundance.  The outgrower plantations are organic and have been certified by SKAL, IMO and Krosher.  These farmers are constantly guided and recommendations given in organic farming in keeping with the rules of nature.


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