Quality Policy

EOAS Quality Policy

WE, EOAS Organics Pvt Ltd & EOAS International Pvt Ltd, committed to sustain and enhance the satisfaction level of our customers and all interested parties and to exceed their expectations consistently by

  • Delivering consistent and reliable, high-quality products on time.

  • Being responsible for internal and external issues which influence our organizational performance.

  • Transparent operations, effective monitoring and continued interactions with all the stakeholders.

  • Ensuring effective implementation and continual improvement of quality management system thru periodic reviews.

  • Developing employee motivation and skill thru’ training, teamwork and resource management.

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable to statutory and regulatory requirements.

This policy shall form the basis of establishing quality objectives at all levels, and by its implementation, we are committed to carrying out our business in a professional manner.

EOAS Food Safety Policy

EOAS Organics (Pvt) Ltd is committed to achieving our customer expectations by producing safe, hygienic & quality products while complying with applicable national and international food safety regulatory requirements.

We make every effort to improve our food safety culture by,

  • Continuous employee training programs

  • Absorbing modern technology

  • Looking for avenues to enhance good manufacturing practices

  • Effectively communicating food safety matters internally and externally.

Organic Certifications

Food Safety System Certifications