Fair Trade Activities

In the year 2009 EOAS Organic Pvt Ltd diversified its activities into fair trade business. The company has a long history in working very closely with wide network of ground level producers of spices in Sri Lanka for production of raw materials required for export processing. The company has identified its social responsibility in uplifting the productivity & social standards of its farmers and this fact basically encouraged us getting FLO registration. Fair Trade mark transfers message to the customers who are the end users that the ground level producers are getting direct benefits for their efforts.

EOAS Fair Trade Activities

Dedigama Maha Parakum Export Agricultural Development & Medadumbara Organic Minor Export Crop Producers Society were formed as a FLO certified unit as a result of diversification activities of EOAS Organics under the guidance of Mr D A Perera.

The following are some of the activities organized with the aim of improving the living standards of the farmers.

Distribution of School Materials for 30 students.
Compost Project & Incentive Payment for Farmers for Preparation of Contour Drainages
Field Trip & One Day Training Programme
Medical Camp Photos
EOAS CSR initiatives conjunction with Yogi Tea - Medadumbara Education Project

The traders company EOAS ORGANICS PVT LTD. started a scholarship scheme to support needy children to fulfil a long felt social responsibility. The families are very fortunate that YOGI TEA® has volunteered to sponsor this scholarship scheme. 15 children have been selected and were provided with funds. The money was used for school uniforms, books, shoes, etc. In addition to this an adequate amount of money is deposited in their savings account to be used during their secondary education.