EOAS Organics

We believe In a Healthy Lifestyle

We believe In a Healthy Lifestyle

As an industry giant of Organic Essential Oils and Oleoresins in Sri Lanka, EOAS always believes in a healthy lifestyle based on organic goods. We prioritize in preserving natural nutrition, flavor and aroma in every product that comes to your hands.



With the reinforcement of an inclusive farmer network, we ensure the maximum care for each product.



EOAS has been certified under the Control Union, Bio Suisse, Fair Trade and Naturland certification bodies.



EOAS has been pioneering the Essential Oils and Oleoresins industry since 1999, with maximum customer satisfaction.

About Us

Together, we make
a team

EOAS consists of a remarkable team, spread across the island. Generations of trust and industry expertise have elevated us to the international standards of Essential Oils and Oleoresins production. We value their strength, knowledge, and efforts in bringing the finest products to your table. Our products hold,

Organic Goods With a hint of Ceylon at heart

EOAS consists of a remarkable team, spread across the island. Generations of trust and industry expertise have elevated us to the international standards of Essential Oils and Oleoresins production. We value their strength, knowledge, and efforts in bringing the finest products to your table. Our products hold,

Organic Spices & Herbs

The tropical nature and the thriving soil ecosystem of Sri Lanka have governed to raise a broad range of plant varieties, among them, species and herbs take special place due to miraculous bioactive compounds. For decades, EOAS Organics has exported superior quality spices and herbs all over the world.

We directly purchase spices and herbs from the authorized organic farms located in Western, Southern, Uva, Central, Sabaragamuwa, and Northwestern provinces to provide the maximum benefits to the farmers. The continuous monitoring of well-experienced farmers ensures the purity of the product. The properly harvested spices and herbs are transported to EOAS Organics Olaboduwa factory to enhance the persistency of the product.

Our factory is well equipped with advanced technology processing aids and types of machinery to preserve the authentic nature and the organoleptic properties of received spices and herbs. The immense support of our expert technical staff and the quality assurance team contributes towards the premium quality products. Our company strictly follows the concepts of cleaner production and we are adjusting our operational techniques to minimize carbon footprint. The sustainability and traceability of our process have been lead us to retain in the international market for a long period of time. 

EOAS organics supplies the top grade organic spices and herbs such as dried black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, cinnamon, clove, mace, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, moringa, gotukola, and curry leaves in diversified product formats. Though spices and herbs are essential flavouring components for our regular cuisines, the availability of a wide range of secondary metabolites has added an outstanding medicinal value. The most of plant based constituents are rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer properties. We always guarantee a safe, reliable, and first-class product.

Coconut Products

EOAS organics coconut products are manufactured from the finest quality seasoned Cocos nucifera fruits obtained through the local farmers in the Marawila, Wariyapola, Horana, Piliyandala, and Kurunegala areas of Sri Lanka. The balanced eco-system, the nutritious-fertile soil, and the natural water sources available in agricultural zones have resulted in the growth of a unique cultivation of coconuts with premium organoleptic properties. The extreme love and care of farmers has added more value to organic coconuts.

The timely harvested, properly seasoned coconut is transported to our Olaboduwa coconut processing unit in order to manufacture a range of products. After the strict process of quality inspection, these coconuts are subjected to processing at the factory using modern technology under the supervision of skillful, well-trained technical staff.

Coconut fruits are manipulated through a customized processing pathways to preserve the maximum nutritional value of the coconut. Our high technology processing plants guarantee the safety and consistency of each product. The quality assurance team continuously monitors and evaluates each processing step in order to handover an excellent product.

Our products are free of artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. Our products are 100% vegan, dairy and gluten-free. In response to customer demand, we produce wide variety of coconut based products.

Plant Extracts

EOAS Organics offers the lush of nature through a diversified range of natural plant extracts. The exclusivity of each plant merges with the fertile soil and blooming weather of Sri Lanka to raise, spices and herbs with an extremely high amount of bioactive components. The revolutionary thinking pattern of EOAS Organics has changed the destiny of the spice and herb industry in Sri Lanka by introducing top quality essential oils, oleoresins, and nutraceutical ingredients. We are proud to introduce novel techniques such as supercritical extraction to the industrial sector of Sri Lanka. Rather than sticking to the surface of the plant, we penetrated to the molecular level to extract the best out of it. Extracting and isolating the maximum yield of biologically active compounds from the different plant materials is an art. We combined that art with modern technology to achieve a premium quality natural extract.

After receiving the plant materials at the Olaboduwa factory, they go through unique pathways to preserve the organoleptic properties and flavor profile of plant secondary metabolites. Our concept is always to enrich human lifestyles with natural treasures. We produce top grade essential oils and oleoresins using a wide range of spices and herbs through steam distillation and solvent extraction techniques. We always use food grade pure organic solvents in our extraction processes. Our natural extracts are trusted by local and international consumers in 65 countries, throughout the world, including the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, UAE, Thailand, and Denmark.

State of the art technology

Expertise Meets Technology

The expertise of our staff combined with new generation technology and precise manufacturing methods, EOAS revolutionizes the industry at its fine home of South Asia.

Manufacturing Process

Nutritional Ceylon soil produces fresh ingredients that are higher in nutritional levels and flavor. EOAS has spread across the island through a wide network of farmers, bringing in fresh herbs to be utilized in the manufacturing process. Every producer unit and estate of EOAS is reserved to produce a significant amount of specific ingredients.

Once the ingredients are delivered at the processing unit facility, each ingredient is distributed to its designated distillery. Every distillery and processing unit is appointed with a specialized staff that would help developing the final product. The ingredients are processed under internationally certified standards that would extract the essence and oils with caution and safety.


Our goal is producing the finest essential oils and oleoresins for your needs. As an industrial giant in Sri Lanka, EOAS has collected various expertise in manufacturing goods up to international standards. Every manufacturing and design aspect of our products is essentially processed under strict supervision, helping to create a final product that would satisfy your expectations.


EOAS is built with generations of expertise and team effort. We believe in achieving our goals one by one, while delivering the best range of products to you. We practice individual hygiene and team safety protocols to ensure the safety of our team and the highest quality of our products. At EOAS; the mission has set to elevate Sri Lanka to the highest standards of worldwide essential oil, oleoresins, and spice industry.