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About EOAS

"EOAS" is a name synonymous with spice oils since 1894. The company ventured into production of spice oleoresin in 1999 and today, EOAS is well known and highly regarded throughout the international food & flavour industry for its exclusive produces. These produces have secured firm confidence in sophisticated quality driven markets in USA & Europe. Over the past few years, EOAS has reached unprecedented height under the guidance of its Managing Director, D A Perera. He hails from a traditional family from the heart of spice growing area of Sri Lanka, and the business was inherited to him from his family. Perera has taken innovative efforts to develop the essential oils and oleoresin business of EOAS to the level at which it stands today. To cater to the increased demand for essential oils and oleoresins of EOAS a state-of-the-art distillery and solvent extraction plant was commissioned in 1999. Since 1999 EOAS ranks as the largest essential oil exporter in Sri Lanka.

Managing Director’s Message

‘EOAS’ is a fitting example for what a traditional family business can accomplish in combination with new generation technology. The value added spices, essential oil and oleoresins business was originally established in Olaboduwa and flourished under the influence of my practices in being a 4th generation traditional cinnamon bark oil distiller. The origin of ‘EOAS’ journeys back to 1999, when a state of the art distillery and solvent extraction plant was commissioned by the company. Expertise combined with technology, our organic products could reach exceptional heights in the international market within a short period of time.

‘EOAS’ has evolved, expanded and improved over the past few decades. We have grown into a large network of estates, small farmer units and processing facilities; expanding our capacity and resources. As a result, ‘EOAS’ has reached a 10% growth in financial development over the last three consecutive years. Our exceptional portfolio is a glorious accomplishment that we pride to this day.

‘EOAS’ received its first certification under the Control Union in the year 2002, followed by the Bio Suisse certification in 2003, and Fair Trade certification in 2009. As a result of undying consumer trust and excellent product quality; ‘EOAS’ received the Naturland certification in 2012, followed by the Ecocert certification in 2018.

By keeping our consistency on product quality which is accepted by international market we have been awarded EXCELLENCE IN MANUFACTURE OF INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS OF PEPPER in 2011 by International Pepper Community, Indonesia and EXCELLENCE IN EXPORT OF VALUE ADDED PEPPER & PEPPER PRODUCTS in 2017 for the sixth consecutive year also by International Pepper Community, Indonesia. We have branched throughout the island, in cultivating essential spices and herbs while creating a culture that reaches out to the farming communities.

More than 500 employees and farmers act as the core of ‘EOAS’. Our long history of CSR projects are the proof of our efforts in uplifting local communities and their living standards. We ensure that our investments provide genuine value for their services and products. As a company we look forward not only to broadening our paths and thriving in the industry, but uplifting the socio-economy by bringing an abundance of opportunities to the local communities in Sri Lanka.

Founder & Managing Director
EOAS Organics (Pvt) Ltd