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Coconut Products

Coconut Vinegar

  • Our coconut vinegar is made from fresh coconut water which is a byproduct of coconut processing plant. 

  • Fresh coconut water is subjected to anerobic and aerobic fermentation processes. 

  • The vinegar goes through a pasteurization process and filled into food grade containers to ensure the safety of product.

  • Coconut vinegar is an off-white colour liquid with characteristic vinegar taste and aroma with 4.1-5.1% of acetic acid.

  • It contains polyphenols, nutrients and probiotics. 

  • Coconut vinegar widely used to preserve food and culinary purposes. 

  • Generally, coconut water vinegar improves the digestibility and control the blood sugar levels.

  • According to the requirement of customer both organic and conventional product can be supplied.