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High protein coconut powder

  • Our High Protein Coconut Powder is a water-soluble powder made from fresh coconut cream after removal of fat through a low temperature centrifugation process and then spray dried to form a fine powder.

  • This product is of vegan origin which has a potential to use as a substitute for animal-based protein formulas.  

  • It has comparatively higher content of coconut protein about 15%.

  • The maximum fat content is about 30%.

  • It is ideal for those who are interest on coconut protein rich product. 

  • Our product is a great source of plant proteins. 

  • It is a convenient product contains the sweetness of coconut. 

  • This product can be used to non-dairy confectionaries, beverages, protein shakes and so on.

  • It is a gluten-free and dairy-free product which increase the immunity and reduce the belly fat of consumers.