EOAS Organics


Olaboduwa Processing Unit

Olaboduwa Processing Facility functions as the leading Processing Unit of ‘EOAS’, in manufacturing whole spices, ground spices, essential oils, oleoresins and extracts. The main facility of spray drying and canning of coconut kernel products also located here. It consists of a full circle of processing techniques such as; Cleaning, washing, cutting, dehydration, distillation, drying, expelling, extraction, fermentation, filtering, grinding, oxidation, seperation, sieving, sorting, spray drying, sterilization, packing and labelling.

Dedigama Processing Unit

Dedigama Processing Unit specializes in producing spices and herbs through its advanced processing techniques such as; Cleaning, washing, cutting, grading, sieving, winnowing, drying, selection, packing and labelling.

Walasmulla Processing Unit

Walasmulla Processing Unit; also known as the ‘Citronella Oil Distillery’ produces Citronella Oil by processing the harvest through distillation, filtering and separation.

Pansalthenna Processing Unit

Processing green tea into a consumable product should delicately be done. Pansalthenna Processing Unit exclusively specializes in manufacturing green tea by, Cutting, drying, grading, rolling, shifting, sieving, withering, storage, packing and labelling.